For those who are looking for swing instruction, tournament preparation or other more advanced areas, such as pre shot routine, statistics, visualization, golf fitness and tournament planning . No matter your current ability or if you are a complete beginner looking for an introduction to the sport, I welcome you.

Swing Mechanics                   

Tournament Preparation            

Golf Fitness       

Course Management             

Short Game                                    


Club Fitting – The Golf Project

I have been coaching and training for the past 23 years and had the privilege of working with a variety of people from all different backgrounds and abilities; ranging from Junior Golfers, amateur players, senior golfers, female golfers, disabled golfers and collegiate players and professionals.

After receiving a scholarship to play in the United States for division 1 University of Louisville, I then qualified for the futures tour and went on to become a United States PGA professional; earning the Titleist Scholarship award, Assistant Golf Professional of the year and gaining certification in all 6 areas of the PGA Certification. 

Each lesson is tailored to the Individual. As a TPI Certified Professional we can do a physical screening to assess your current characteristics and develop a method that coordinates with the clients physical capabilities. 

We work on solid fundamentals on which we can build the swing and make it the most efficient for the player. Along with swing technique we focus on whole game approach; looking at course management and the short game.


One Comment on “Welcome

  1. After 9 or 10 years of more or less teaching myself to play golf, with only an occasional lesson (that never helped to be honest) and doing most things wrong, having a massive power fade (aka a massive slice) I decided something needed to be done. After only 12 months prevaricating I emailed Lizzy to arrange a lesson; she fixed my slice in that one 30 minute lesson. On lesson 2 she taught me how to draw the ball (quote: words I never thought i’d hear Dave – Jez Anderson). Lizzy is an excellent, hands-on coach and I couldn’t praise her highly enough. Lesson 3 in a weeks time, what next? How to use a driver! Thanks Lizzy, you’re the best.


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