Learning to Play Golf

If you have never played golf before or are just starting out it is best to find a qualified Professional to help you with your journey. Starting with the fundamentals and working your way towards a repeatable efficient game makes the journey and the game of golf more rewarding. 

First step approaches:

  1. Fundamentals – Make sure you are setting up to the ball with good alignment, grip and posture
  2. Timing – This is the beginning of a long friendship; good timing is the difference between an enjoyable round of golf or a day where it all just doesn’t seem to work. 
  3. Equipment – Make sure you have equipment that fits! Too many times if clubs are too long/short, heavy or light it can lead to extra work and swing issues that after a while can become detrimental to the enjoyment and efficiency in the golf game. 
  4. Mental Attitude – A positive attitude goes a long way in how you approach not only the swing but eventually the score and ultimately your enjoyment of the game. 

I have learnt so much about this game over the last 30 years or so that I have been involved with golf. The most important lesson of all as I continue in my own personal journey and in that of helping others is how enjoyable time spent on the golf course can be shared with both old and new friends.  

One Comment on “Learning to Play Golf

  1. That’s a good idea to practice the fundamentals. I am considering taking a golf lesson and I wouldn’t want to look like a complete beginner. I’ll have to practice my grip and things like that.


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